With less than a week to go until I start living out of a bag on a permanent basis, I decided it was time to see exactly what my worldly possessions would be reduced to.   Those who have been following my blog will recall that I was having a bit of a dilemma as to what bag to get, well I decided on the Caribee Grand Air 80 Travel Pack and for now I am glad I did.

Main bag.

The bag has an 80l capacity with an additional 30l day pack that zips to the front (image below).  The picture above shows what I have managed to squeeze into the main bag. I have no doubt that I shall drop items along the way, but for now this is what I have:

  • 4 pairs shoes (Boots, formal, trainers and sandals)
  • 4  pairs trousers (2 jeans, 2 cargo)
  • 1 warm jacket – my snowboarding jacket so can double as rain mac.
  • 1 spring jacket
  • 5 Long sleeve tops (2 hoodies, 2 jumpers and 1 light weight)
  • 7 t-shirts (5 causal, 2 sports wear)
  • 3 shirts
  • 2 under armor tops.
  • 5 pairs shorts (2 heavy, 3 boardshorts)
  • 9 pairs underwear
  • 18 socks – I don’t pair them, that way if I loose them or one gets holes it is not a problem.
  • 1 blazer – sometimes you need to put in some effort
  • 1 waist coat – every man should have one.
  • 1 travel towel
  • 1 first aid kit
  • 1 toiletries bag
  • diary
Day pack

In the detachable day pack I have:

  • 1 pair climbing shoes
  • 1 chalk bag
  • 1 sleeping bag
Camera bag

My camera bag will hold everything else which includes:

  • 1 Canon 50D body
  • 3 lenses (10-20mm, 24-60mm, 150-500mm)
  • A bunch of filters
  • 1 external flash and remote triggers
  • 1 Tripod
  • 1 Gorilla pod
  • Canon camcorder
  • Reflectors
  • 2 external drives
  • 1 Asus Zenbook
  • Travel adapters
  • Travel documents including passports.
  • 1 hip flask.
Reading these lists it does seem like I have a lot of stuff.  Then when I consider that I have no idea where I shall be in 2 months time and that this is everything I own from here on out it doesn’t seem too excessive, especially when I look at what I am leaving behind
The left overs.

What shocks me is that when I moved to Sweden I made at least 4 trips to the charity shop dumping unwanted goods, yet I still have so much that I don’t really need. I guess this is what living in a consumerist society does to you.