A GoPro Selfie

A GoPro Selfie

After years of working in online media the time came to take a break.  So in 2013 I packed up my life into a backpack and set down an unknown path, expecting to be back working for another tech company within a year. That didn’t happen and instead I found myself in a position which many can on only dream of. One which has allowed me not only to follow, but to immerse myself in my passions of photography and windsurfing.

This site is a manifestation of those passions and my desire to share them with the world.  For sometime now I have been a keen photographer and have enjoyed travelling the world in exploration of new landscapes to capture under golden light.  When windsurfing crept in to my life again in 2011 it soon began to dictate many aspects of my lifestyle and lead me on new adventures. I realized that it is more than a sport, more than just a passion, it is a lifestyle.  I set out trying to capture this lifestyle so that those who had not yet discovered it might stumble upon it and be richer for it. This has lead me to start capturing not just windsurfing but, SUPing, surfing and kiting, to become a water photographer and a true waterman myself.

If this site introduces one person to the lifestyle I have come to immerse myself in then it is a success.  If I have captured you in any of my shots then I thank you for sharing the experience with me and hope that the images serve to take you back to a moment of pure joy.  If you have seen an image that you like please feel free to comment on it, share it, download it or print it. All the images are free of rights and I only ask that if you use them in articles or publications that photo credit is given where appropriate.   If you have enjoyed the images and would like to know how you can ensure they keep coming for years to come then have a gander at contribute page so see how you might express this.

If you would like to contact me please use the form below.

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