Pelicans heading home.

Pelicans heading home.

When I first put this site together and started making my photography more generally available it was with the intention of making money from it. After all I had heard from more than just a handful of people that I should start selling my pictures or that they themselves were willing to pay for them.

Then something changed, it was gradual and perhaps it has been due to my winter experiences or maybe it is something that happens to everyone once they shed the burdens of material possessions.  I came to realise that I don’t want to make money out of my photography, I just want to make a living.  And to make a living  one doesn’t need to make money, they need to live. I live a simple existence, I don’t need all the latest toys or flash clothes, I don’t need to go out every weekend and drop a bundle or have a fast car and big house. In fact after watching HOME these sort of opulent things have come to make me feel uncomfortable and sick with our consumerist mentality.

Most of what I need to live can come from things that other people don’t want or have in abundance. You may have started to hear more about the sharing economy and paying it forward, well here is the deal.  If you have enjoyed my photos, maybe I have taken one of you on your very first wave or doing the forward loop back lit by the sun, if you have enjoyed my writing or I have shared something that affected you in a positive manner then click through the tabs below to see how you can share your excess and in doing so share the adventure.

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While I don’t need much in the way of money, it is what our society runs on at the moment. I am hard on my gear and unfortunately I often need to get it repaired or replaced and this all takes money. I also appreciate that for some people, I used to be one of them, it is easier just to give a little cash that you have spare. At the moment the best way to do so is via paypal, just click the button below.


How they have been used:

For a good part of the year I am based in Punta San Carlos, Baja, Mexico where I volunteer at SoloSports. If you haven’t done so already then why not book a trip and come say hi. Or if you really want the adventure come by in winter and give me some company.  You can find out more about Punta San Carlos on the SoloSports website.

Step Down

Step Down

During the winter a lot of what I survive on is the leftovers of others, things they don’t want or need. Whether it be the wetsuit they don’t want to take home, the eggs they are not going to finish or the jacket that they have three versions of.  So if you have something you don’t want or need, it doesn’t really matter, just ask me if I would like or need it and I’ll let you know.

Latest leftovers:

 Probably the best way to make a contribution is to commission me as a photographer and let me share in your adventure. To commission me just get in touch via the contact page and lets start the conversation.  My goal is to capture the entire essence of your trip and to be part of it as much as to photograph it as such I don’t expect to be paid for the photographs, I’d rather share in the adventure. If I have the funds to pay for the trip myself I will, but it would always help if you can offer to help cover some costs such as food, accommodation and travel, doing so means it is more likely that I will be able to come and capture your trip.

Commissioned Work:

Just to say hi, to request a hi-res image or to let me know you enjoyed something I shared.

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