The Scart

The Scart
“While types of well-being are not mutually exclusive, psychological well-being based on a sense of higher purpose and service to others (eudaimonia) trumps consumptive pleasure (hedonia)” – Blue Mind pg 48 The Scart came to me whilst I was spending time in South Lake Tahoe. It was another Tinder find, this […]


Positive Chance

Let’s give them a chance.


Baja – Winter Watchman

10/11/2013 Packing up for winter.  “Who is going to look after Sam all winter?” That was the question that came from most all the guests that heard him asking for attention throughout their stay. The stock answer was “Mark will.” Most thought it was a joke, but last week as […]


The Lord Shall Provide

04/08/2013 I am probably going to get arrested for this… When I arrived in Bermuda yesterday evening I did not have an onward flight booked nor did I have accommodation. I had planned to book a flight later in a the week as prices dropped and airlines tried to fill […]