I stood high on the cliff watching the horses dancing on the giant, rolling waves below. The wind whipping their manes into a frenzy of froth, depositing foam at my feet like clods of earth kicked up hooves pounding the earth. Watching, wishing that I had a windsurfer, that I might make use of the […]

More rain, after the previous night’s golden hour I had hoped for a break in the rain but it was just as wet as the previous days, which had me thinking I should head further north to Tofino, a place many people told me I might not leave.  Though I couldn’t leave without at least […]

Location : China Beach, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada Wave :  Beach break and right point break. Swell Direction Surfed: North West Board used : Hutchison Performance 6.2 – Thruster Suit used : Camero 4-3 with hood, gloves and booties Details : A secluded spot requires a ten/fifteen minute walk to get down to the […]

Location : Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada Wave : Beach break, breaks both left and right along the beach. Best break is at low tide on the sandbar outside the river mouth. Swell Direction Surfed: North West Board used : Rawson 5.10 Impalla – Quad setup. Suit used : Camero 4-3 with […]

After dropping Virginia at the airport in Seattle, I made my way across the border into Canada, changing my mind about spending the night in Vancouver and opting take the ferry across to Vancouver Island. A decision I should have made sooner so that I could have taken the Ferry from […]

I’ve just gone through the familiar inquisition at the Canadian border, it always gets a little sticky when they ask that question, “What is your plan?” It is the same question many people ask me when they meet me, with them I tend to be a little more candid, “I […]