Nomadic in Namibia – Lüderitz

14/05/2013 Sometimes one gets lucky with photography. As I wounds through the pass to the coast, I knew that it was one of those times, the ghostly shells of the Kolmanskop houses stood like guardians scanning the horizon, behind them a sky burnt of oranges and pinks as wispy flames […]


Nomadic in Namibia – Kolmanskop

15/05/2013 Kolmanskop was once a thriving mining town a short way from Lüderitz now abandoned to the ravishes of wind and sand, it was one of the main reasons I wanted to travel to Namibia. I had seen it in plenty a picture and even in one of Brian Cox’s […]


Nomadic in Namibia – Sossusvlei

12/05/2013I made it to Sossusvlei in time for sunset and gave in to an early night in order to be up at 5am for sunrise photography of the dead vlei. I only spent a day there before continuing on to Ludritz though looking at the pictures I got I now realise it deserved more […]


Nomadic in Namibia – Bumpy Roads

Hello from Walvis Bay quay 10/05/2013 Leaving CJ and the flamingos behind I took the coastal road down to Walvis Bay where I spent the morning wandering around the quay, chatting to quizzical pelicans before their limited vocabulary turned me away in search of the route to Sossusvlei. A wrong […]


Nomadic in Namibia – Arrival

09/05/2013 Waking bleary eyed to a sky painted in blues, purples and pinks was a delight after the 21 hour bus journey from Livingstone. As we travelled the last hour into Windhoek I watched the purples and pinks fade away to leave a blue sky staring down on a barren, […]



Final Namibian Sunset After another stunning sunset to signify an end to my Namibian road trip it is unforeseen circumstances again that sees me stumble upon another hidden gem.   After 8hrs driving today, I was intending on staying at the Hardap National Park, leaving the 3hrs further to Windhoek […]