Win Win

Win Win
This image is my chance to win a trip to shoot the Red Bull Defiance in New Zealand, it is also your chance to win a beautiful, one and only canvas print.   Yes that is right, I’ll be giving away one of my One and Only series canvas* prints. […]


Positive Chance

Let’s give them a chance.


Just Ask

With the entries for mydestination now closed, I doubt my 84 votes will get me anywhere when the finalists are announced on the 15th April.  Regardless of the outcome though, I know at least some good came of this experience. Shortly before submitting my entry, I stumbled upon the following video: Now […]


Magic Powder

I caught his eye as I saw the glint in my own reflected between the specks poking the worn mirror. As he thumbed through my hair, trying to make sense of what to do with it, his eyes seemed to hint at a slight pride of the position he was in. […]


Choosing a bag

When I left South Africa almost a decade ago for Dubai I travelled with one suitcase and a hockey stick bag.  At 21 I did not have many belongings and those that did not fit could be left at my parents’ house. A year later I moved to London. I […]