Location : China Beach, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Wave :  Beach break and right point break.

Swell Direction Surfed: North West

Board used : Hutchison Performance 6.2 – Thruster

Suit used : Camero 4-3 with hood, gloves and booties

Details : A secluded spot requires a ten/fifteen minute walk to get down to the beach and you don’t know if it is working until you get down there.  There are two points on either side of the beach and a few beach breaks in between. I only surfer the right point which locals affectionately call the monster.  This is no easy wave to surf, it jacks up fast and dumps hard. Swinging with the water-housing I felt like a rag doll getting tossed around. The wave does what it wants and sometimes, if you are lucky, it will allow you to give it a little tickle.   There was a lot of debris in the water and one needs to watch out for logs, I hit one on my take-off and it took a nice chunk out of my board.

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