Location : Jordan River, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Wave : Chunky Right Break. (similar setup to J-Bay on a much smaller scale)
Reeling Right Point Break. (similar setup to J-Bay on a much smaller scale)

Swell Direction Surfed: North West

Board used : Rawson 5.10 Impalla – Quad setup.

Suit used : Oneil 5-4-3 with hood gloves and booties.
Camero 4-3 with hood gloves and booties

Description : Historically a logging camp, River Jordan has become a surfing town thanks to long wrapping rights known as The Point, Sewers, and Rock Piles, but it has also developed a reputation for intolerant, aggressive locals. Despite being somewhat inconsistent, these waves crank when it’s on, which is mid-winter, big W-NW swell and a NE wind. The Point at the rivermouth can have very long rides (and some lefts back into the river), down the line speed walls and bowly barrel sections over the sand boulder mix. source : MSW

I surfed here a couple of times whilst on Vancouver Island, my first session was at the spot called Sewers just down from the point. The wave was a lot easier to get into as the lack of current made the paddle out easy as did the availability of a channel. The wave here is not as fast or punchy as the point but still offers some fun rides for those not wanting to jostle with the crowd.  The point, which I surfed my second session has a lot of current and requires one to jump in at the river mouth and time the paddle out. It is certainly not for the faint hearted and the locals can be a little moody. I had one fella come up and bitch about me for taking photos, but this seemed to be an isolated case and most were rather pleasant.  The pictures don’t lie though this spot can go off…

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