“While types of well-being are not mutually exclusive, psychological well-being based on a sense of higher purpose and service to others (eudaimonia) trumps consumptive pleasure (hedonia)” – Blue Mind pg 48

The Scart came to me whilst I was spending time in South Lake Tahoe. It was another Tinder find, this time the connection was photography. It quite nearly didn’t happen when I fumbled with the technology and almost ended playing cupid for two complete strangers.

I saw a lampshade designed by Jillian and immediately said to her that it would make an delightful beanie, which set her off designing the first Scart (my term not her’s). She presented it to me on our next photography adventure, up Donner pass, the perfect gift as I was preparing myself for the cold days ahead.

The Scart travelled with me for a couple weeks, visiting such places as the intimidating Sequoia National Park and the magnificent Monterey bay. All the way receiving comments as to how amazing it was.

Then I arrived upon Nevada City, guided there by a beautiful friend who is spending time at the Ananda Village where the Scart received even more attention than usual. When the Lafyette said, “I want one of those in that exact colour.” My first inclination was to giver her Jillian’s details and let her buy one from her. I don’t know what made me give it to her, perhaps it was the opportunity to promote Jillian and the Scart, perhaps it was my belief that giving something to someone else opens the giver up to receive something new in their life. Either way, the glow of her happiness at receiving the gift showered me throughout the day’s adventure to find You Bet with Be.

That evening as I drove into Nevada City to see what adventures I may find, I picked up Laughter on the side of the road and she told me about a dance, which happens every Tuesday. The evening would effect me profoundly and be one of the greatest highs I have come to experience.

This morning as I spent my morning coffee ritual reflecting on the night before. I soaked up the warmth of the Autumn sun and read the quote at the top of this page, excited for what the day might bring.