As I drove the winding pass into Nevada City, listening to Laughter’s stories of cycling the world bringing music to the ears of many, he fluttered around the wind-shield as if to say it was time.

I told Laughter about how he had joined me a few days earlier, keeping me company as I repaired the van in Lodi. Now that I think of it, maybe he was just seeking a better place to be. I had tried to catch him a couple times prior and set him free, but he wasn’t ready to leave. Though now as I finished my dinner in the parking lot of the Ecstatic Dance, he settled and let me gently collect him in my palm and release him into the cold night.

It took me awhile to find my groove in the dance, making several trips back to the van to change my attire and offload my perceptions. Once comfortable I closed my eyes, listened to the rhythm of the beat and let it take me. There were moments of pure euphoria where I knew I was dancing purely for myself without a care for anyone around me, the only influence, the beat. Though whenever I opened my eyes I struggled to hold it, there were so many beautiful people, so many thoughts in my head. I toyed with why I was there, was it for me, was it to find a partner, was it the drugs that gave me the high or the dancing, the music? My mind rattled on, each time I’d loose the beat and have to close my eyes and give myself to the music again.

He was fluttering around people on the dance floor, he moved in such a carefree way, yet controlled, like he had captured something most others had failed to grasp. He landed on stage and continued his performance. I wasn’t the only one captivated, I stood and watched as the rest of the crowd mimicked his moves, he had transcended from the moth to the flame and was inviting all these beings to join him.

Time had been lost but my body told me it needed a break, time for conversation. I manoeuvred my way off the dancefloor and found an empty pillow on the conversation floor. At first awkward at being a lone soul whilst so many others were engaged with each other. Then I noticed him in the corner, twirling a sword. He gave me a focus, an escape from the solitude. I had to thank him. And that is how I met Emmet, or as I like to call him, the Broker.

Thank you Laughter.

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