The fire is ticking away to my left, creating an impossible to escape cosy bubble, that has already lured my away from my days plans an sucked me into writing. A good thing, as it has been far too long since I have written a good update.

For the last month or so I have been living in Tahoe and now with the temperatures dropping and the mornings lingering in frosty slumber, I have decided it is time to seek the next vista, catch a wave and meet new people. The cosy bubble I find myself in makes a winter here seem rather appealing but the lure of a moody coastline shrouded in mist is too great and my feet are getting itchy. It is a predicament I find myself in more often these days, the decision to stay in one place or to move on and find out what is around the next corner, to continue the adventure. Then Tahoe has taught me that home is not a place, but rather the people with which you surround yourself.

This makes it all the more difficult to leave as the couple I have been staying with are two of the most genuine, caring and loving people I have ever met in my life. They have welcomed me into their home and given me support beyond that which I have experienced before. Through them I have grown and learnt in ways most unexpected.

The days here have been a mix of learning, working on projects and play. I have winterised boats and in doing so deepened my passion for being on and near the water. The nights spent on the boat stoking the kindles of my sailboat living dream into a burning fire.

We squeezed all we could out of the last remaining ski days and not only did I finally stand up on skies, something that has eluded me my entire life, but I managed to switch to slalom on the same day. I learnt to wake skate and wake surf, realizing that none of these sports will ever replace the simplicity of regular surfing.

I’ve stained a house, learnt how to throw a ladder around and found an appreciation for why so many adventure seekers do construction work, finding challenges and fulfilment in what I previously viewed as mundane. Though I guess that came easy as I was balancing on makeshift scaffolding with a makeshift harness, it was almost as good as climbing.

I learnt how to take energy from one desire and shift it fuel another. The desire came from a Tinder date I thought had potential and it fuelled my Longboarding adventure in an attempt to earn a follow up date. I even had plans to put on my first exhibition, though instead I ended up with a dislocated shoulder and no further dates. This didn’t stop me from getting some stunning images and an appreciation for a new board sport.

It is difficult not to dwell on the things that I didn’t do… Mainly site updates, blog posts and setting up an online store and countless other ideas swimming in my head. Which sees me moving on to the next adventure pondering if I’ll ever get around to these things.

Moving on from here also marks a shift in my travels. Up until now I have had a vague idea of where I will be and dates I need to be there. Once I leave here, I head to San Francisco are for a few days but after that there are no dates and no fixed plans. I have this idea that I want to drive the Pacific Coast Highway from Seattle and continue south all the way to Peru. Though who knows what distractions I’ll find along the way or where I’ll actually end up. All I know is that the adventure must continue.

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