I recently saw the following “ad” on Facebook and thought it was an article from CNN.  I clicked on on because I am skeptical about American news sites and their advertising, so I wanted to see if CNN had any links to this wonder drugs site.


News from CNN?

News from CNN?

I was taken to this page and I started reading.

New drug Accelerin

New drug Accelerin


Then I decided I don’t want to be tracked so used a Google Incognito window to follow the link to the drugs name. When I loaded the page in Incognito this is what it looked like.


New drug Cogniflex

Notice the difference in the names of the drugs? Accelerin vs CogniFlex.  Then I looked at the URL and noticed it wasn’t actually CNN but some marketing site which turns out to be a really badly built online store.

Now I’m torn as to whether this is a scam, as it is misleading or if it is just someone playing the game extremely well, or if someone is developing such a drug and it’s name will be  NZT-48?

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