For the Lunar Eclipse last night Heather and Scott, who I am staying with, had decided to spend the night on their sail-boat and invited me to join them.  I stepped onto the boat feeling a little sombre, to me an invitation to spend an evening on a sail boat is a something you jump at, alas the invitation I had sent out to join me had fallen on deaf ears.

I sat surrounded by sunset. Sunset in all directions.  The sombre feelings were replaced, a broad smile across my face, I couldn’t help but think what a fool one would be to pass up this opportunity.

At this point I was a lot more sober than the last time I spent a night on a boat, so decided to get antiquated with an old friend and found the half drunk bottle of Jonnie Walker I’d brought with me. Okay so it is no Glenlivit, but for an affordable bottle of Scotch in a country that thinks bourbon is whiskey, it is mighty fine.

When we awoke mother nature still hadn’t finished her show.

After some coffee on the boat I was treated to the hot air balloon boat launching it’s delighted passengers for their sunrise romance.

In the end we didn’t see anything of the eclipse but the evening was pure magic and with a morning flowed up by my first wake surf session I could not have wished for a more perfect way to spend an evening that will only occur again in 33 years.


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