When I saw the graffiti on the back of my van in PSC, I didn’t think much of it, but now as the words came out of his mouth they seem to ring with so much more meaning.

I had only picked him up a few miles back just outside of Bend, Oregon. Having been on the road since 8am the smoky filled air made it seem later than it was and the sky had already started to glow making it hard to see through my insect splattered wind-shield. He’d been a traveller for the last six years and was on his way to Portland to pick up some gear for Burning Man, it will be his first. I knew the weed he shared with with me would be stronger than my Mexican regular so I took it easy. It kicked in as we wound through the ethereal light illuminating the giant trees in a scene that could only be created by perfect timing. Here I was enjoying it by perfect chance. Eventually I gave in and had to stop to capture it. He didn’t seem to mind the stopping and showed appreciation for the beauty that portrayed a soul beyond its years.

As I dropped him on the corner and watched him longboard away, I realised I just missed the best photo opportunity I would get on the whole road. Him snaking his way through the cracks of orange glow and christmas tree shadows…

…I continued on and came to a spot I recognised from years back when I came snowboarding during my initiation at webtrends. The memories of friends made flooded through and the absolute beauty that stood in front of me had be breathless. I knew that I wouldn’t make it to Hood River today and would spend the night somewhere on the mountain.

Now as I settle in and listen out for big creatures in the night, the darkness that engulfs me is one denser than I have felt in some time, the silence not even broken by the whispers of the trees. I realise that once I close this laptop lid, it could be the best night;s sleep I’ve had in years.

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