I stood shaving, looking at myself in the mirror and thinking, “I don’t know when my next shower will be?” It was only a week since I had been told that my time in Punta San Carlos had come to an end and that I should not plan to return after Burning Man.

I can’t say I was all that shocked at the words, my own thoughts where echoing across similar lines, though whether the reasons were the same will never be known. Initially I had thought there was no way I could fit everything I owned in the van and do Burning Man in it, then I looked at my possessions and realized that aside from the addition of two surfboards and a waterhousing they still only amounted single backpack of clothes and a camera bag.

With the van packed and ready to go, I stepped out of the shower to serve my final drinks as SoloSports barman. The patrons, a fitting crowd, Jem Hall’s international crew included some of the same faces that were there when Jem introduced me to PSC and wave sailing in 2102. I could never have expected then or even when I quit my job in Sweden and put this rather excruciating video together that it would end up being my home for two years. That it would mould me in ways I’m only beginning to appreciate and set me on a path of adventure that has only just started.

I served my last drink and slipped around the back of the camp, to what I have coined the slums where the old camper on stilts that had been by abode stood. There I found a few of the regular PSC campers enjoying the cool, quiet night. We sardined into a trailer on the cliff outlined by the glow of a camp fire. The night wore on and a perfect moment was solidified by Sky’s song. Her voice was that of an angel it gave me shivers to hear, it boiled emotions that brought tears to my eyes. The night was perfect, the people were too, it was the perfect end to my PSC chapter.

I left the next morning, driving out the dirt road into adventures unknown, filled with the emotions from the night before. Still mesmerized by the beauty of Sky’s song, the beauty that shone throughout her and manifested itself in her voice, her glow. It added to the excitement of what the road might hold, who’s path it might cross and the interactions it might bring but it also added to the sadness of leaving the place behind. A place I had so much enthusiasm for a place I wanted to do so much for, but then maybe that is why I needed to leave, maybe it is a place that needs no change, maybe it is a place that should stay just as it is. And part of me hopes that it does.

To all those people who played a part in my Punta San Carlos experience, for all the conversations, the shared waves, the shared moments, the connections and the support. I thank you. I’m sure many of our paths will cross again as always seems to be the case with those who meet in Baja. I am not sure what the next adventure might be, the ideas are many, the opportunities too, so keep an eye out for me or better yet if you have an adventure idea, lets make it happen.

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