The other day my mum sent me a message asking if I had any good shots from a trip I did to Namibia a couple years back.  It was just after I quite my  job and started travelling full time.   Having gone through the shots from the trip and selected the best ones I reprocessed them and decided to share an album here.

Going through the shots I have noticed a change in my photography, noticed how my eye has become more focused on lines and with it my compositions have improved. My processing techniques have become simplified yet the end result is a much richer image. These realizations have me wanting to revisit Namibia, a land more remote than any I have been to, one in which I see so many similarities to Baja where I am now.  They also have me thinking about how much we change as people and how the person we are at any given point affects the way in which we experience the place we are in, the people we interact with and how those interactions will shape who we become. I just love the fact that if we are willing to let it happen, to embrace it we can constantly experience change and through it see the world afresh.

  • VanLife – One Year On
    VanLife – One Year On
  • Loreto – Where to Next?
    Loreto – Where to Next?
  • Surf Report : Jordan River
    Surf Report : Jordan River
  • The Next Chapter : An El Niño Season.
    The Next Chapter : An El Niño Season.