After a week of non stop waves and a challenging swimming session the night before, I woke up this morning and my body just said no to a surf session.  On top of that the van had been standing for a week and needed a little run to ensure the resident rodents of Punta San Carlos don’t make my engine compartment their new home.  So I decided to grab a coffee and head down past the point to capture the action from a different angle.

I’d wanted to try a few of these angles for awhile now but always needed something to stand on to get enough hight so that I could see the waves above the foreground. Since the swell was big enough and I had the van to stand on it was the perfect opportunity. Normally when I head out shooting, I already have an idea of how I want the end product to look based on the available light and the weather conditions, for this session I had been inspired by Marc Gabor who was spending a few days in PSC and still carried around some old film cameras.  I must say I really enjoyed having another photographer who is passionate and teaming with ideas in camp, we spent much time discussing gear and photography in general. Thanks for inspiration Marc.


For more shots from this session and the rest of the week check out the album bellow or find it on Facebook and tag your friends.

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