After the AWT event in Santa Cruz, Phil, Cecelia and I  left early Sunday morning to drive up the coast to the next event in Pistol River, Oregon. We’re driving up the 101, through hills of gold and green. It is difficult to focus on writing with the magnificent views that surround me which is when it hits me…

I started this blog with the intention of using my words to tell a story about my photography, now it is time for my photography to take over and start telling the story.  From time to time there will surely be post like my last one, full of words and thoughts, but now I start a new phase, the photo story phase.   The story will be told through the pictures, with captions to guide you, but here’s the catch, the galleries will be in random order and it will be up to you to piece the story together as you would like it, they should be a guide and you should fill in the adventure.


I’m just providing my frame, which is only one of the billions of frames of life.

Driving through the redwoods left me breathless.

I’d seen forests before, but nothing like this.

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