It was a day that I was feeling particularly lonely. I just needed to chat to someone who wasn’t part of the camp, I needed to figure out how I am going to get to burning man this year, if I can get tickets…

So I started chatting with Vickey.  I’ve been thinking of getting a van and going south at the end of the season, and Vickey has a van which I thought might be just the ticket. Thinking that maybe I could buy or hire it and use it for burning man then driving it back down south to Punta San Carlos. At some point during our conversation she asked me what I felt about being photographer for the AWT.

What is the  AWT you ask? Well it is the American Windsurfing Tour, the little brother of the Professional Windsurfing Association (PWA), or so I thought, turns out there are a lot more politics involved which I don’t care much for but am sure I’ll learn about as part of this adventure. In any event a few emails later and I am now going to be the official photographer for the Santa Cruz and the Pistol River events this June. The gig doesn’t pay, just helps cover the expenses which is exactly the type of thing I have been looking for with my contribute page. It makes it more about the experience of the event, meeting amazing people from all around the world with one passion in mind, windsurfing.

For me the adventure has already started as I sit figuring out how to get to the events, how to afford the travel and find the money for the lens I purchased to cover the event. Thankfully another photographer talked me out of needing a new camera too. Though that is all part of the experience and I am already looking forward to the adventure and stories that will come out of it.

And here is your chance to be part of the story, the first thing I think I am going to need to find is a place to stay in San Diego for a couple nights while I figure out how to get to San Francisco to meet up with Philip Soltysiak. Which in itself is quite amazing when I consider the number of pictures and films of his that I have admired. It makes me think that maybe I should record it all and try my hand at a video edit…

Excited to see where this story goes you can follow it right here…

Follow the story:

Here’s an album I shot for the AWT event in Punta San Carlos last year.

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