Last Saturday, with paint still stuck in our hair from the previous two weeks of camp preparation we welcomed a handful of guests as they stepped off the planes from San Diego to kick of the 2015 season at SoloSports. There were a few familiar faces and a couple of new ones which made for a softer transition from the winter solitude to the intensity of a camp full of guests.

The previous week Spruce had asked me whether we’d be interested in him playing for the opening night, I thought it a great idea, not least because one of the things I often miss down here from my days in London is listening to live music. Since we only had a handful of guests in camp, I rallied the campers to make up the numbers and we turned the lounge into a mini venue with new flashy lights to boot. I think everyone who attended will agree the evening was a treat, the highlight for me, his rendition of The Beatles – Across the Universe.


The conditions for the week were nothing spectacular by Punta San Carlos standards but everyone had plenty of time on the water and enjoyed seeing the boys from the Yurt go for it in the playful conditions. One particular session stuck out for me with just Andre the Giant and myself sailing deep into the chilli-bowl as we traded waves in light wind conditions.

The best thing about the week though had to be the company, with such a few people in camp most people knew each other in some way or another which gave the week the feel of a group of friends relaxing and enjoying their own private retreat which was just what I needed after a couple months of winter. Thanks to the group it was great to see you all and hopefully we’ll catch up on your next trip.

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