I’m sitting writing this a week into the season at SoloSports, during a rare moment that I find time to myself. In 2 hours we have another 7 guests arriving and a further 10 on Saturday for clinics and more. For the next couple weeks this will likely be the last waking hour that I find to myself which is not spent in the water.

This makes for a stark contrast from my winter days where time is wholly mine. A winter that is now over, the memory of which has me conflicted with how I used it. I find myself beating myself up for not doing more. More blog posts, more photo editing, more bike rides, more Spanish lessons and pondering when I will ever get around to these activities?

Though this does leave thinking about what I did do with my time these last few months and despite feeling that I could or should have achieved more I don’t feel that any of the time was wasted.

My winter started with a few days in San Diego that would influence the rest of my winter and change me in ways I could never have anticipated. The lingering memory of which lives on as a story yet to be completed. To this individual I say thank you for opening me up.

From there it was on to London to recharge with the comfort of old friends, the type you know will always be there no matter how long ago it was you last spoke. To these friends I say a big thank you, for all the couches provided, the drinks and dinners shared, the smiles and laughs, but most of all for knowing me.

Before I lost my tan completely I jumped on a plane to South Africa. Here lies a big black hole of blog posts and pictures I am still to write and post. Whether I ever get around to them is any one’s guess. The time spent is South Africa was full of ups and downs, I met some amazing people and saw a side of the country I grew up in that I hadn’t experienced before. The backpacker scene there has me thinking of how businesses can be run in more sustainable manners and how it doesn’t always have to be about profit, but rather sharing, community and the desire for interaction and life experience. I didn’t get to surf or windsurf as much as I had hoped and trying to record my road trip had me realizing that this type of travel could do with a travel buddy, there were just too many occasions where I was looking out at the conditions debating with myself whether it was safe to go out or not. Not to mention it is difficult to photograph oneself doing these activities, so I am grateful to Jamie Hancock for sharing part of his Cape Town sessions with me. South Africa was also time to catch up with family and how it always seems to be with family, we had our moments. Though I left SA thankful for the one I have and comforted in the knowledge that through whatever happens there will be a place for me to call home should I ever stop wandering.

On the way back to Mexico I stopped in London again to hop over to France for a bit of snow action where I realized that I can’t handle the cold any more and I far prefer the simplicity of surfing to the hassle of all the snow gear.

The last two and a half months have been in Mexico and time has been completely mine. I’ve enjoyed this winter even more than the last and spent plenty of time on the water and enjoying the community of campers the winter here in Punta San Carlos. Aside from spending plenty of time in the water this site has received a lot of attention and formed the platform for signing on as a photography ambassador for Surfears and 36Knots. Through the redesign of the contribute section I hope to be able find more such partners to join me on my adventures as I join theirs. I’ve finally got myself and SoloSports  on Instagram which are gaining traction and if you have not yet already I urge you to follow these as my activity on this site is less frequent during the season. I have a number of other ideas swimming around in my head from winter and pages of notes to dip into when time allows. So keep checking back for more. And thank you all for joining me on the journey thus far.


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