I only discovered my passion for the ocean later on in life and in a way I am lucky.  So many of the friends I am making now that I am following an ocean lifestyle have had ear problems due to spending so much time in the water.

After my first year in Mexico, spending almost every day in the water, I was a bit concerned that I was going to start developing ear problems. I had already had an infection and would often find myself hopping on one foot after being in the water to trying to dry my ears out.  Then when I was on a shoot with Jamie Hancock from Gaastra/Vandal, he turned me on to SurfEars.

I invested in a pair and have worn them in almost every water session since. To me they are as important as sunscreen and I actually keep them next to my sunscreen so as not to forget to put them in.  The fact that you can forget to put them in is a testament to just how comfortable they are and how much sound they let in.  For me letting sound in is key, especially when I am out in the water shooting as often there are 10 or 15 windsurfers whizzing around me and I want to be able to hear them coming less I get hit in the back of the head.

I’ve heard others say why not just use cheaper plugs, but then in the same sentence they tell me about the number of pairs they have gone through. SurfEars design is such that they stay in your ears even in the knarliest washing,  of which I have had a few of since investing in my pair.  Not only that, but in the handy case they come in are extra sealing gels and support wings so that you can find the perfect fit.

I was so impressed with the plugs that I reached out to SurfEars and asked about becoming an ambassador so that I could share them with other water users and help stave them from ear troubles. I am now proud to be part of the SurfEars team and have them as my supporters.  Find out more about this partnership here.

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