People often ask me whether it is lonely in Punta San Carlos over the winter. While there are certainly some lonely days there are often campers around to socialize with.  It is one of the things I enjoy most about the winters, the relaxed feel and the the community which the campers create.

This year was no different and I got to meet some great people who just happened to take the turn into Punta San Carlos and find themselves in this magical place. Often times these campers have no idea what this place is like, they are just on adventures of their own.  Two vehicles of such campers, adventurers stand out to me and I had the opportunity to capture a little of their Punta San Carlos experience.

The first was Mike and his girlfriend who drove down from San Diego for a couple of days, they were just learning to surf and discovered the mellow waves of the beach break here to be the perfect learning experience.  It was good to chat with them and show them around the place, even if all the while I was just a little jealous, considering that most of my travel has been on my own and I am starting to feel that the next trip would be best shared with someone a little closer than a stranger.   Mike was kind enough to take my bust laptop back up to the States for me and try sort out the store credit with Fry’s. Thanks Mike.

The second was a group from LA. Daniel and Ivana were much like myself and had tired of the rat race, quitting their jobs  and setting off on their own adventures. They had met on a yoga retreat in Nicaragua and had decided to travel together for awhile.  They brought James and Andrea along with them in their Bronco, a car I am thinking may be right for my next adventure, for a week long trip down Baja in search of waves.  They didn’t find much during their couple days here, but we got to share the beauty of this place and I enjoyed sharing a few meals and beers. Thanks guys.

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