With the recent death of my laptop, I decided to give the vendors involved the opportunity to turn the experience into a positive one. As such I sent them both the following message:

Hi generous people at Lenovo/Fry’s. Here is your opportunity to turn a negative experience with your product/service into a positive one.

I bought my Yoga 2 Pro in November 2014 at Fry’s in San Diego after the sales clerk convinced me on it over the MacBook Pro. I’m an adventure photographer  and needed something tough with good spec and screen so when the sales clerk added that one could spill a beer on the keyboard and it would survive, I thought, coupled with Lenovo’s great support reputation, I am on to a winner.

Until yesterday I have been rather happy with my purchase. Though after working on some photos the night before, I closed the lid and slipped into sleep next to my laptop. I woke up yesterday morning ready to share some of the photos but my laptop did not.

Searching the internet I found that this is a common issue with Lenovo, laptops.  They go to sleep and for no apparent reason, don’t wake up. As with the other cases I read about, all I get is the power led shining for about 5 seconds. I must say I am rather perturbed that Lenovo and Fry’s continue to sell and even recommend devices with known and well documented flaws.

From what I can tell, some of the unfortunate souls who have experienced this issue have managed to get Lenovo to replace their laptops, which is great. Though I am in a situation where I need to laptop to do my work and can not be without one for long. To make matters more complicated, I live in a remote part of Baja, Mexico where I have limited access to phone so cannot speak to customer support to organize a replacement. What’s more is I can only send/receive physical mail when someone passes through, which is irregular at best. So if I were to send the laptop to you to fix and return it could be months until I have a laptop to work on.

There is however a small window of opportunity here, as I know of some guys coming through from San Diego and they have agreed to bring me a laptop if I can get one delivered to San Diego before the 23rd Feb. So my only option is to buy a new laptop for them to bring. I am happy to continue to support your company and will even buy a model of your recommendation provided you can guarantee once I do manage to get my current laptop returned to you, I shall receive a refund. Oh and that the recommended model does not suffer from the same issue as the current one.

As I am sure you can appreciate this is a very time sensitive matter so please endeavor to respond promptly.

I eagerly anticipate your response.
Mark Harpur


As yet I have not had a response and the situation dictates that I need to buy the new on asap in order to make the delivery date.

I’ll be posting updates to this page, here’s hoping they seize the opportunity for some positive marketing.

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