I’ve done it before, when we were traveling around India in a rickshaw, I made all my blog posts and the photos in them with my mobile. Wow, and what a trip that was, maybe I should resurrect and rewrite some of those?

Now after a week back in Baja I guess I’ll have to do it again. My laptop just went to sleep and doesn’t want to wake up. Okay I know we all feel like that some mornings, but seriously from what I can tell this is a known Lenovo issue. So until I can get a new one down here it will be all mobile. At least the tools seem to work a lot better, thanks Swype!

Unfortunately the logistics of this place mean that unless I buy a new one, despite this one being only 4 months old, I’ll be without a laptop for at least a couple of months. Good news is if do buy a new one it could be here in a week or so with a few guys coming down from Hatteras. Since I kind of feel this photography thing is picking up and would like to spend the next two months before season kicks in being productive, I think I am just going to suck it up. Hey it is what credit cards are for right?

Sorry to those I met in South Africa, I was hoping to get ask the Captured posts done this week.


This would probably be a good time to reintroduce the contribute page. If you have been enjoying this blog or any of my images then please do consider a donation. Thanks.

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