Shadow Surfer

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Riel Viviers getting covered

Riel Viviers taking cover.

I grew up just around the corner from Victoria Bay but spent my days standing on the pier with a fishing rod in hand.  Now years later I revisit the beach with different eyes, eyes of a surfer and a photographer.  The conditions may not have been the best and chatting to others in the water, they assure me that it gets a lot bigger and better on a SW swell. The break is an easy one to catch once you get passed the rocks and slowly breaks towards the right into the bay. One needs to watch out for the sea urchins which I had a nasty tendency of finding, best to keep your feet off the bottom until you get into the shore break.  Regardless I enjoyed my sessions in the water and couldn’t help but curse myself for not jumping in 20 years earlier. If I had maybe I would be be looking more like Riel Viviers who certainly put on a show for the lens on Monday morning.

On Sunday morning the mist rolled in and  as the sun struggled to burn its way through the water was shrouded in a green tinge.  I decided to expose for the colour and the results payed off. There was an unknown surfer out who afforded me this shot, my favorite from the weekend.

Shadow Surfer

Shadow Surfer

I’ve started on east to find some wind and waves in J-Bay and East London, but will be back in George for Christmas to capture more of the action from the local breaks. Here are the rest of the shots from the 6,7 and 8th of December.  As always feel free to contact me for hi-res versions.

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