Enjoying a final sunset

Enjoying a final sunset

Sitting watching my one of my last Punta San Carlos sunsets for the year, crispy golden beer in hand. I followed another droplet slide down the neck of the bottle, shinning like amber sap from a pine, and cracked out laughing to myself with the thought, “How the hell did I end up here? ”

I tried to trace my path but I seemed to have lost all notion of time scales, the adventures blurring into each other as I attempted to place them in order. Now as I have a few moments to look at a calender and pin point the timeline, I realize that it is coming up on two years ago (April 2013) that I left my job in Sweden, gave away all but a backpack and camera gear and set off on what I thought would be a year of travel. After finding Livingstone in Africa, training as a windsurfing instructor in Greece, sleeping on the streets of Bermuda and spending a week caked in dust at Burning Man I found myself as a guest of SoloSports in Punta San Carlos, Baja, Mexico.

I figured I would stay at SoloSports for a month and meet sports industry people with the intention of somehow joining them in their industry. And then I got addicted, addicted to a certain type of magic the place has, an indescribable magic. Addicted to the wave, one on which I have become a wavesailor, SUPer, surfer and watersports photographer. Addicted to the people, a community of which comes from around the globe, year after year to add chapters to the stories they have already created. Stories that I now feel a small part of and am grateful to all who have formed part of mine, making my fist season in Punta San Carlos such a memorable one.

Plane Panorama.

Plane Panorama.

Having packed away the camp for the winter and said good-bye to the cats I am now enjoying the cold, crisp autumn colours and old solid friendships of London before heading to South Africa to test my new found skills as a waterman. In the conversations enjoyed over coffees and pints and I am sure in some of your minds as you read this, I hear the words, “Living the dream.” To this I have one thing to say, if you follow your passion(s) so can you.

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