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The Point Wave.

The Point Wave.

Last week I was out in the water shooting the guys on the Liquid Force kite camp in Punta San Carlos as they surfed a glassy south swell which was providing a beautiful canvas for the pictures. The line-up was a mix of professional kiteboarders, those who came to learn to kitesurf, SUPers and a few campers who had come for a weekend on the point. As a general rule, when I am shooting during the season I keep my eye trained on the SoloSports guests who keep my shutter finger adequately busy. There are a few exceptions to this and this session was one of them.

Amongst the campers in the water were members of the Spaulding family, one a young lad whose name passed me by. The waves were of good size, a little overhead for most on the water, so for him they must have seemed closer to double overhead. Already this fact had me admiring him as he sat slightly to the shoulder waiting for his wave. The trick with the point wave is that one needs to sit quite deep and catch it just under the peak as the shoulder can be short and slow forming. Thus while the more seasoned surfers managed to catch wave after wave, this young lad, egged on my all in the water, would paddle his arms off in a frenzy of splashes that would result in noticeable frustration as each wave passed him by. The more this happened, the more it got my attention and I knew that if he managed to catch one of these waves it would be a special occasion for him. So each time I caught a glimpse of him paddling I would turn my focus to him in anticipation.

The session continued and eventually his family members were surfed out and the decision was made to head in for breakfast, still he had not caught a wave. A set came and his dad caught a wave in to the beach, the next wave came and passed him by as the others had done before, though his attempt to paddle for it had put him just that little further inside. This meant that the next wave had already peaked and a white shoulder picked him up. He was able to get to his feet and ride out the white onto a clean face. Everyone in the water and on the point yelped and whooped for him and as I held down the shutter button I knew that he was stoked and that the stoke of that one wave had made his weekend.

During the Liquid Force week there were some great shots, all of which can be seen in the SoloSports Facebook album, but for me these few shots captured one of my key drivers for getting behind the lens and that is to capture a special moment in an individual’s life so that they can share that it with family and friends who weren’t there.

The Spaulding family’s weekend was cut short due to a medical emergency, but I did manage to pass on my website address and hope that they find this post and the pictures of their session so that the stoke can continue long after they have forgotten the weekend.

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