Heading home to roost.
After 7 weeks here in Punta San Carlos I can’t really tell what happened in which week any more. All the happenings seem to have blurred into one incredible experience. I guess that is part of the magic of this place, time as we normally perceive it doesn’t seem to apply and with most leaving watches and cell phones safely tucked away in their tents, why should it? The days now start when the sun peeks over the mesa and heats the tents as if it were smoking bees from their hive and end when one too many fogs have been consumed and the body and mind shut down with the camp lights.

Another day starts atPunta San Carlos

While time doesn’t exist for those on extended breaks it surely passes too quickly for those who only have a week or two to spare, I know that was the case for those on the Mat Pritchard Windsurfing Camp where the wind and waves were a bit shy. Despite only having a few good days of water time they managed to fill the gaps with mountain biking and watching windsurfing movies in anticipation of what might be. I think the movies gave some of the windsurfers too much inspiration as they managed to damage both themselves and the boards when out on the water.

Mat Pritchard making some spray.
Perfect timing.
The board graveyard. 
If the windsurfers on Mat’s camp where the damage machines, the kiters on the Liquidforce kite camp which followed were the masters of disaster as the two week clinic saw a number of rather long swims and inventive rescue attempts. The best had to have been when one of the pros had to kite a SUP out to sea to pick up a stranded kiter who was then kited back to shore sitting on the nose of the SUP like a gleeful kid. To add to the drama of the week one of the girls on the camp was bitten by a black widow spider that was sharing her tent, highlighting the reality of this place as an adventure spot not for those seeking the comfort of a Tomsons Holiday. Fortunately there was a doctor on hand to provide the right concoction of drugs sourced from various camp members, including my Valium supply, to see her right until the venom wore off.
At some point during my stay I went from being on holiday to working at a holiday destination when I started filling in barman and resident beach bum with the occasional task of photographer/videographer. I’ve been enjoying playing barman and taking the opportunity to watch the world from the opposite side I am to which normally on, it does help that we do get our fair share of characters down here, all with stories that make mine seem bland. The video makes a change from photography and after using a 7D I am now pondering how to fund an upgrade from my 50D so that I can add to my skill set and start learning the editing side of things. It is a hard one to justify since I am yet to make much from the photography side though hopefully that will change over the coming months as I add more to my new site www.luckybeanz.com
The peanut gallery.

Speaking of video, we had a film crew in camp for a week to film an episode for their series Underexposed which is a documentary series about sports photography. The filming coincided with another windsurfing clinic hosted by Tyson Poor and Wyatt Miller both of whom were promptly added to the collection of pro sports people who are featured in the show. I found the show an intriguing concept mainly because I have an interest in how to make a life as a sports photographer. Though from what I could see most of the footage shot was around the main character trying his hand at various sports, then I guess to be a good sports photographer it does help to know the sports you are shooting. 

Despite the actual working I have still been getting my fair share of water time which is starting to pay off. On the windsurfing side my wave riding has improved with even a few attempts at smacking the lip albeit all ending in a splash as my timing still requires some adjustment, though what I am most pleased about is the fact that I can now truly claim to have completed forwards. In the last days of the Tyson/Wyatt camp I mange a couple thanks to their handy tips and there were even people around to witness. There hasn’t been much surfing going on but I have managed to get some SUPing in and am now using a rather wobbly 7’10” board which should help the surfing too.