The second week out here in Baja has been somewhat slower than week one, the swell dropped off as did the wind for a few days which has meant less time on a windsurfer but this has afforded me more time on a surfboard albeit mostly paddling practice. That said best time for surfing here is the early morning when the sea mist is still hanging low and the wind is yet to set in and blow it out to sea though with the lack of wind and swell there has also been more swill consumed which for me has inevitably meant waking up when my tent gets too hot and missing the better part of the morning session.
Some decent conditions. 

Afternoon smack!

The extended drinking hours have also meant the
introduction of a few drinks to the Solosports bar. The first was the Mexican Omelette which I tried to introduce last year but failed. This time I managed to get Joey and Derek to join me.  The Mexican Omelette requires one to crush a raw egg in their mouth, chase it with a tequila shot and spit the shell out into the shot glass, a feat that very few accomplish on their first attempt so it was no surprise when Joey ran straight to the bin before the tequila touched his lips.  Next, following on from all the time I spent at the Absinthe Bar at Burning Man, I educated the bar to the ways of the green fairy which went down a treat, then anything you set on fire at a bar tends to get the patrons excited.  Finally the drink that gave me my worst hangover of the year was created when Angela came to ask for a Baja Fog after Derek, Randle and I had just had one.  The Baja Fog is a traditional drink down here where one fills the neck of a Corona or Pacifico with tequila and adds a dash of lime which fogs up the neck, this is then downed until the beer at the bottom is reached. So what happens when you have just downed a fog and someone comes to join for one? Well you fill up your now almost half full beers with more tequila and lime and create the Baja Smog, which can only be drunk in one go unless you are a fan of warm tequila which you would end up sipping once all the beer is gone. The night that resulted in my hangover also resulted in the Baja Smog being banned from the bar to become a relic of our memories of that one night in Baja.

Watching the waves. 
Surfing with the locals. 
Anyone for some single track?

Despite the conditions and the hard drinking there have been some decent windsurfing sessions where I have gone out to try some more forward loops. After a few attempts I gave up on the landing on my back and turned to see how much height I could get on jumps out at the bombora. One such session resulted in a bad landing and a slightly tweaked ankle which saw me take a break the day after, something I am sure my body was thankful for. When not on the water, mountain biking has seen some more action and I made the attempt to further my sports photography skills by taking a few shots of Derek and Kevin on a downhill section. This required both a well timed trigger finger, especially when using a flash, and a little bit of stupidity when laying on the top of a bank or under the lip of a jump to get the money shot.  While I got some good shots, I think if I can get my timing and focusing better I get some real gems, that is if my camera equipment will hold up to the dust.

Milliseconds too late for the money shot.