Final Namibian Sunset
After another stunning sunset to signify an end to my Namibian road trip it is unforeseen circumstances again that sees me stumble upon another hidden gem.  
After 8hrs driving today, I was intending on staying at the Hardap National Park, leaving the 3hrs further to Windhoek for tomorrow morning.  Though when I got to the gate I found that it was closed for camping, the closet place to stay was just down the road, I had already passed it on my way.  Reluctantly I turned back and now find myself at Bastion Farmyard.  What a fantastic find it is, for N$80 I get my own little “camping” area complete with my own hot shower, kitchenette and toilet. 


What is best is they even have free wi-fi. So finally I am connected and can use the opportunity to make a few posts of the events over the past couple weeks. They are scheduled to publish over the next few days and include details of wet n wild fun, sleepers club and busing about, so come back and check to see when they are up.

Time now to turn in for the night and snuggle up in my trusty stead which has doubled as my home for the past few days.

The stead.
Processing photos in bed.