Sometimes the things we want most in life come along when we aren’t ready to embrace them.  As was the case for Stockholm and me.

I wanted to move here ever since I started working in the region a few years ago, so when the opportunity arose I seized it.

The time spent here has been turbulent and testing, as is always the case when one moves to a new country. This difficulty finding one self in a new place is one of the reasons I like to move from place to place so much. It causes you to reflect on where you have been and you are, to take stock of the place you have reached and where you want to be. While I wanted to be where I was, I realised with certainty that I did not want to be doing what I was doing.

Thus it is with incomplete experience that I leave this beautiful city just as it rises out of its winter slumber. I leave to continue to navigate down a path others have traveled in order to discover their place in this world. Though I am a firm believer of not having a reason for being and prefer to just be, so I won’t be seeking a definitive place or purpose. Thank you Stockholm for your part in my journey so far and to all those inhabitants who made the experiences all that more special. It was a time filled with glitter and openness, you helped me find my inner child once more and I needed that.

When I first wanted to move here I could not see how I was going to make that happen. Now, having done it, I can see that that there are always ways to make what want happen, if nothing else, just ask. I have an inkling that I will be back someday, perhaps to stay a little longer.

Until then farewell Stockholm.