With the entries for mydestination now closed, I doubt my 84 votes will get me anywhere when the finalists are announced on the 15th April.  Regardless of the outcome though, I know at least some good came of this experience.

Shortly before submitting my entry, I stumbled upon the following video:

Now being someone who has never liked asking for things, probably due to the fact that I don’t want to feel in debt to anyone, this video really made me think.

So during the competition, I decided to try something different, I decided to “Just ask” and sent messages to a bunch of the windsurfing pages I subscribe to on Facebook.  The result was having my entry posted on Windsurfing Magazine, SoloSportQueen Mary Windsurfing Club and Contentseven.

I guess the real reason we don’t ask for things is the fear of rejection. When ultimately we should be thinking, the worst case is that the answer is no, and if the answer is no? You are no worse off than if you had not asked in the first place.  It is an everything to gain, nothing to lose situation.