“Imagine this: a long-haul flight with no disturbance from crying children, vomiting infants, rambling toddlers, seat back-kicking kids or bored grade-schoolers.

For a little extra money, that dream could be a reality for passengers booking flights on Malaysia-based carrier AirAsia X, the long-haul arm of budget carrier AirAsia. Last week the airline began rolling out child-free zones on its Airbus A330-300 flights to China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Nepal… read more
I sure hope this catches on, though with the twist that the back 7-10 rows of the plane are allocated as family only zones… no problem getting seats together and any noise and smells are confined to that area, everyone wins. 


  1. uncle tom says:

    listen to you, segregationist. I mean apartheidist.

  2. luckybeanz says:

    No, if i were that, i would be demanding they be put in a different plane altogether 😉