“Most big questions we feel compelled to face – handed down through centuries of overthinking and mis-translation – use terms so undefined as to make attempting to answer them a complete waste of time. This isn’t depressing. It’s liberating.” – Tim Ferriss

As I read the above passage I was transported to a moment two years ago whilst traveling through India.  I was in a taxi with a good friend and a girl we had met a couple days earlier. We had been up since dawn making our way to a local picnic spot, hidden in the hills of Kochi.  The conversation had gone through its regular paces and was poised on religion.  She, like me, had grown up with a religious background and her travels had her questioning and looking for new answers.

She was struggling with the fact that I did not believe in a god anymore and wanted to know if I didn’t believe in a god, then why am I here? What is the meaning of life?

I smiled at her, a smile filled with the excitement of having just traversed India in a rickshaw, and said, “Why do you need a reason, why not just be?  It is far more liberating not having one.”

I still hold that mantra, stop looking for a reason to be and just be.